The current “buzz” word S.T.E.M is about integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and  Math. Montessori for a over a hundred years is an innovative, collaborative, hands-on learning and problem solving methodology; students apply the rigor of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics content (which is, S.T.E.M) while engaged in learning activities with Montessori materials throughout the day.

Montessori teachers for many years have had a jump-start on their conventional counterparts! Since student engagement is at the forefront of our Montessori classrooms, we are already actively engaging students in hands-on learning. Beginning in our Montessori preschool environment, students learn the fundamental rules of math and science through discovery, manipulation of instructive materials and problem solving with peers. The work engages the senses and ensures understanding of concepts, not just memorization of disjointed facts and figures; the Montessori curriculum reinforces that everything is interrelated.

Keeping abreast with modern times, even though our students do S.T.E.M activities daily in the classrooms, we understand it would be exciting for them to have various activities above the Montessori offerings, in a specific manner in our S.T.E.M room! To achieve this we have teachers specialized in this field, instructing small groups of students throughout the day (in rotation) with various innovative science activities!