(16 – 24 Months)

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The trained adults understand whether the children are interested in the activities offered or not.  If they lose interest quickly, the adults realize that the activity may be too easy for them or even too difficult; thus the children are allowed challenge, together with possibility for success. This lays a solid foundation for the way they explore and self–discover while providing them with self-confidence from a very early age.

When responding to their efforts at communication, they are helped with enriching vocabulary skills.

The Montessori Academy offers an age appropriate and beautifully created environment for the Toddlers, that is uniquely different to most childcare and daycare settings.

Toddlers love to grasp and explore using large and fine motor control skills; therefore the classroom is set to enhance the development of toddlers and enrich their growth with a variety of materials for them to discover and absorb.

A daily repetitive routine offers the children a sense of security and comfort. The morning is set aside for exploration and discovery as well as outside playtime (weather permitting). They have space for movement, imagination, investigation and discovery. The day includes snack times, lunchtime and nap-time.

Parents are encouraged to facilitate the continuation of the environment, hands on experiences and routines that MAV offers their toddlers, at home as well.

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