Do you want your child to be recognized for his/her talents, capabilities and individuality, by teachers trained to customize learning and education? 

You've found the right program! 

The Montessori Academy of Virginia is a state licensed school; affiliated with the International Montessori Society,  and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our school is committed to standards of academic excellence together with a safe, orderly, aesthetically pleasing environment for Toddler, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten

       and Elementary ages.

    We are the only Montessori school in Hampton Roads that provide a hands- on enhancement program at our farm school

"The Montessori Acres";  our natural learning environment.

"Minds are like flowers they only open when the time is right." 

​MAV has always been committed to upholding high standards of maintenance and sanitation of the school. Our custodial staff has always been readily available for any extra cleaning needs the school may have. 


Currently with COVID-19 and the CDC guidelines MAV has a heightened sensitivity towards keeping the school building decontaminated and disinfected. MAV employs custodial staff for heavy duty bleaching and sanitation daily. Cleaning such as mopping floors, classroom bathrooms, sinks, faucets, “high traffic” areas (Doorknobs, light switches, counters, lunchroom tables, chairs, water fountains) after school each day.

 In addition to heavy sanitation and cleaning by the custodial staff our teachers too wipe/polish all classroom tables, shelves, materials daily and are dedicated to keeping their classrooms immaculate.  All diaper changing tables, nap mats are sanitized after each use; as well as all extended care toys.


 MAV landscaping staff is also devoted towards keeping the school premises pristine throughout the calendar year.


Each year during the 2 weeks that schools is closed in the summer months maintenance of cutting/buffing floors, repainting walls, reordering worn materials/books repeated sanitation etc., is completed.

Please watch this informational video to learn more.
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A Day of Learning at Our Farm 

    Have you ever wondered how the day unfolds for us the animals?

We wake up extremely  early at 5:00 a.m. and have our barn “bedrooms” cleaned; then its breakfast time for all of us!

      Did you know we have a great balanced diet ? Our food is planned and measured everyday by Mr. David, Ms. Rebecca and

Ms. Iris ; they make sure that everything we eat is nourishing and wholesome foods to keep us very healthy!

      We eat hay, grains with vitamins, and minerals all mixed together in very large buckets kind of like an animal casserole! We also have the wonderful green grass to graze on throughout the day and fresh water to drink. We even get our exercise in the pastures by running, galloping or just strolling around. In the summer we stay in the barns because it is so hot outside and we go to the pastures in the nights when it is cooler.

       Just like you brush your hair daily, we too get our fur brushed everyday- it is a lot of work for the humans, we know that because we have to get our entire body brushed; coats, manes, and tails! Plus we have to get our hooves trimmed at times; then we have spa days and receive a delightful bath!

        We LOVE to welcome our Montessori Academy students to receive hands on opportunities with Zoology and Botany lessons during your class visits.

We see you all grow vegetables etc., but needless to say we are not allowed to eat your hard work !

See you all SOON!

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  • The Montessori Academy of Virginia has well trained teachers, specialized in Montessori, Early Childhood Development , Education and Advancement . The teachers are selected due to their educational background, professional Montessori training, meaningful teaching and cultural experiences they bring to the school. All staff also complete  required State  background inspections. Some of our teachers are also parents of the school!

  • Our teachers are dedicated to the education and developmental growth of their students; and committed to standards of excellence in the quality of the curriculum. They persuade the interest of each child while helping them unfold their individual personalities.

  • The teachers engage themselves and their students as an educational team – and tirelessly encourages each child to reach their individual growth.


The team at the Montessori Academy of Virginia invites you to join them in this special partnership of community and education of your children.



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