Lower Elementary

(Grades 1-3)

Parents who choose Montessori for their Preschoolers and Kindergartners, complete the full cycle of early learning at the Elementary grade levels as well. To achieve this, The Montessori Academy has a complete Elementary program-first grade through fifth grade. The Elementary program changes and builds upon itself with the transforming developmental needs of the child. It offers a continuum, built on their preschool experiences.

Our elementary teachers are trained to integrate all subjects, not as isolated disciplines but as part of a complete intellectual education. As in the PreK and Kindergarten classrooms, the Montessori materials are a means to an end. The Elementary program consists of connective lessons integrating Math, Sciences, Geography, History and Language Arts, and STEM subjects.

The students learn within a philosophical system by asking questions, doing open-ended research, completing in-depth studies, using timelines and other visual aids providing a linguistic and visual overview of each subject area. Studies are integrated not only in terms of subject matter but in terms of moral learning as well; resulting in appreciation and respect for all life, social and emotional growth, moral empathy and respect for each individual and developing positive peer relationships.

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Below is a very brief outline of the Lower Elementary curriculum; this is just a generalized visual for parents not an exact sequence or range.

A very brief outline of the Lower Elementary curriculum; this is just a generalized visual for parents not the exact sequence or range


​1st Grade

  • Introduction to Cursive Writing

  • Spelling short/ long vowels

  • Simple Punctuation   

  • Creative Writing, Grammatically correct & Descriptive sentences

  • Rhyming, Antonyms,  Compounds Singular, Plural, Masculine, Feminine

  • Sequencing stories logically

  • Reading Comprehension 

  • Poetry

  • ABC order      

​2nd Grade

  • Cursive Writing 

  • Spelling 

  • Punctuation

  • Creative writing using Writing Process/Journals

  • Study of Phonograms, Sight Words, Blends, Syllabication

  • ABC Order

  • Grammar , Parts of speech

  • Reading  Comprehension

  • Poetry with Rhyming

  • Simple Book Reports

  • Understanding Synonyms, Homonyms, Compounds, Singular, Plural Prefix Suffix, Contractions

​3rd Grade

  • Accurate Cursive Writing

  • Advanced Spelling

  • Advanced Punctuation

  • Creative Writing; Essays, Book Reports, Poetry

  • Word study, Grammar, Parts of Speech, Sentence Analysis

  • Alpha Order

  • Summarizing, Editing

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Poetry and Phrasing

  • Analogies, Idioms, Similes

  • Dictionary, Thesaurus

  • Public Speaking


1st Grade

  • Place values, Estimating, Sequencing, Rounding  numerals and quantities 1-9000   

  • Math facts from memory =, -

  • +,- using 4 digit numerals

  • Word Problems/ Critical thinking

  • Introduction to x, :

  • Clock, Elapsed time

  • Money Values

  • Measurements, Simple Graphs, Tables

  • Simple Fractions

  • Study of Geometry Shapes, Solids

  • Relationship of 2 D and 3 D shapes

2nd Grade

  • Place values, Estimating, Sequencing, Rounding  numerals and quantities 1-1,000,000

  • Memorization of math facts

  • 4 digit  operations +, -, x, : 

  • Word problems/Critical thinking

  • Clock and Elapsed time

  • Fractions

  • Money concepts and operations of value +, -

  • Measurements /Estimations

  • Graphs/Tables/Venn Diagrams

  • Recognition, understanding, recreating polygons/quadrilaterals/ triangles/angles  of Geometry Shapes

​3rd Grade

  • Place values, Estimating, Sequencing, Rounding  numerals and quantities beyond million

  • Math fact tests

  •   +, -, x, : from memory

  • Word Problems/ Critical Thinking

  • Skip counting, Squaring, Rooting  

  • Fractions using four operations

  • Money concepts and operations of value +, -, x , :

  • Measurements, Tables, Graphs, Temperatures

  • Decimals

  • Study of all Geometry Figures

  • Construction of Geometry Figures, Congruence, Equivalence

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Areas, Perimeters

  • Decade, Century , Millennium

Social Studies and Science

1st Grade

  • Study of Plants

  • Study of Life Cycles 

  • Gardening

  • Land Forms, Maps, Countries, Capitals

  • Cultures and Traditions

  • Seasons, Weather

  • Solar Systems

  • Study of Earth

  • Functions of  Human Body 

  • Magnetism, Force ,  Motion, Energy 

  • Study of Animal Life

  • Concept of Time Lines

  • Courtesy and Peace

  • STEM activities

  • Gym, health, nutrition

  • Culinary activities

  • Creative Art, Crafts, Music

2nd Grade

  • Gardening/Botany Experiments

  • Study of Plant Life 

  • Study Life Cycles 

  • Study of  Earth Science, Physical Science

  • Composition of Earth, Layers, Movements

  • Countries, Capitals, Flags, Cultures, Traditions

  • 50 States, Abbreviations

  • Study of  Land Forms

  • Earth ,Erosion, Biomes, Habitats

  • Functions of  Human Body, Organs, Senses   

  • Matter, Mass, Volume, Evaporation, Weather 

  • Force, Motion, Energy, Magnetism, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere

  • Solar System and Big Bang Theory

  • Animal Needs,  Behavior, Vertebrates, Invertebrates   

  • Study of Animal Classes   

  • BC/AD Time Lines

  • Study of Civilizations                          

  • STEM Activities

  • Culinary Activities

  • Gym, Nutrition, Health

  • Creative Art, Music

  • Courtesy and Peace

3rd Grade

  • Study and Research of various Plants/Trees

  • Plant kingdom and growth

  • Study of  Habitats, Eco Systems

  • Detailed Study of Continents  and its countries

  • Big Bang theory / Creation stories

  • Time line of Life

  • Time Line of Humans

  • Clock of the Eras

  • Mapping, latitudes, longitudes

  • Detailed Study of  the Solar Systems

  • Early Explorers

  • Civilizations

  • Human and Capital Resources

  • Study of Rocks/Minerals

  • Simple Physics, Chemistry 

  • Book Reports and Research of all SS studies

  • Courtesy and Peace

  • STEM activities

  • Culinary activities

  • Gym, health, nutrition

  • Creative Art, Music