"The journey from childhood to adolescence is a joyful experience when teachers who understand the developmental characteristics and needs of children, guide it. The Montessori environment provides a safe, nurturing opportunity for children to grow and become confident, independent, productive citizens of the community with poise."
~ Dr. Maria Montessori

Upper Elementary

(Grades 4-5)

  • In the Upper Elementary, students use creative thinking to move from concrete representation of facts to abstract concepts, as they seek to bring order to the various disconnected ideas and information they encounter in the world. The teacher helps them to think hypothetically and become motivated to try new topics with enjoyment

  • While they grow and advance at different rates, Upper Elementary students need a balance of adult guidance towards independence and maturity. As self-confidence begins to build at a higher level, these students are encouraged to be more accepting of peers. This age is the beginning of “cliques”. When confronted with issues, Upper Elementary students are encouraged to develop positive solutions, interpersonal skills as well as handle peers peacefully

  • Dr. Montessori believed that this is also an age of great moral development; as students head towards adolescence, Montessori provides the needed skills to handle this transition with assurance and ease through:

A well-organized day
Recognition for efforts and accomplishment
A sense of belonging
Opportunities to excel

Encouragement to try new activities
To finish what was begun
Opportunities to help peers
Opportunities for positive problem solving


  • Sentence Structure

  • Grammar

  • Parts of Speech

  • Blends

  • Spelling

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Book Reports

  • Essays

  • Letter Writing


  • Timelines

  • Origins of Life

  • Plants

  • Animals

  • Humans

  • Human Communities and Cultures

  • World History

  • Modern History

  • Famous People & Places

  • Open-ended Research


  • Arithmetic Computation

  • In Depth Study Of:

    • Addition

    • Subtraction

    • Multiplication

    • Division

  • Geometry 

  • Arithmetic Computation

  • In Depth Study Of:

  • Algebra 

  • Decimals

  • Comprehensive Study Of Problem Solving in:  Addition, Subtraction, 

  • MultiplicationDivision

  • Fractions

  • The Universe

  • The Solar System

  • Earth

  • Origins Of:

    • Earth

    • Solar Energy

    • Atmosphere

  • Map & Globe Reading

  • Cultures in Relation to Geographic Locations

  • Global Education

  • Continents, Countries, Capitals, and Flags

  • Open-ended Research


e 2.jpg
  • Plant Biology

  • Animal Biology

  • Physical Sciences

  • Introduction to Chemistry

  • Scientific Experiments

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Open-ended Research


  • Music Appreciation

  • Singing and Rhythm

  • Composers

  • Poetry Appreciation

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Artists & Art Mediums

  • Open-ended Research