Montessori Acres 

Montessori Academy chose to purchase most of the animals from rescue situations; our hope is that the affection from students will restore and allow each animal to finally feel at home 

Do all Montessori educational programs actually connect to the natural environment?

      The Montessori Academy does; we understand that linking academics with the outdoor environment is vital to any authentic Montessori program in order to provide students with a solid foundation for academic excellence.

      Exposing students to the outdoors is a classroom oasis that opens a magical world of nature to them. Nature, with all its beauty, strikes curiosity in any child-whether it is sowing seeds, growing plants or watching a beautiful butterfly as it pollinates from flower to flower. At Montessori Acres we strive to provide and enrich: motor skill activity, muscular movement, hand-eye coordination, playtime, empathy, and problem-solving ability. Montessori Acres provides the foundation for our students to explore, touch, smell, taste and heighten their senses in a natural setting.

      Montessori Acres also offers insight to many concepts that are taught in the classrooms such as math, geometry, life cycles, measurements, shadows, sounds, ponds and animal anatomy to name a few; all of which help to understand our symbiotic relationship with and wonders presented by nature  

     Dr. Montessori believed that even a simple walk provides children with peace, order, calm and serenity. All of which are nurturing - even therapeutic. Calmness and inner peace improve concentration and focus.  It encourages positive social interaction and cultivates feelings of compassion and responsibility. In addition, it brings about the anticipation of new things to come- the germination of a seed blooming into flowers, the growth and harvesting of vegetables to the dinner table, the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly or the child’s response of affection from a newborn foal, a mischievous goat, or an inquisitive donkey.

       The Pediatric Association of America concluded that the present day eyesight problems are owing to the lack of use of the long sight muscle. With traditional forms of education students sit long hours in the classroom with books and staring at blackboards, monitors, smart boards or other electronic devices; instead, the Montessori Academy, in tandem with the Montessori Acres, allows students to participate in outdoor activities which stimulates our students to use and exercise all essential muscle and intellectual capabilities.


         Weather permitting; students will take periodic trips to the Montessori Acres. Those  students in  PreK, Kindergarten and Elementary must have a signed permission statement (available in the office) prior to participating in Montessori Acres activities.

   By visiting Montessori Acres, whenever possible, our students will:

  • Be taught by Ms. Tabitha our in-house Montessori trained Botany teacher who will enhance and incorporate the classroom curriculum with practical Zoology and Botany-related activities

  • Develop an appreciation for outdoor life and the importance of the inter-connection between nature and the classroom

  • Interact with common farm animals, understand their habitat, needs and required care

  • Discover animal life cycles, learn farmyard vocabulary and much more

Santa's Helpers Arrived Early at Montessori 

Acres  ! !


 It is our sincerest hope that Montessori Acres brings joy, serenity, and many teachable moments to our MAV students


Hours of Operation

Open only to our Registered Students of Montessori Academy of Virginia 

 Monday thru Friday

        9:00- 11:30 a.m only        

Closed thereafter

Closed Weekends & Holidays