Montessori Acres 

showcase of the month!

Hi Mav Students!

I am a mini donkey; my name is Cashew, because I'm like the color of the nut!

I am a boy, born in Chesapeake and I am 4 months old- the youngest of the crew here!

I have brown eyes; I am 25 inches tall or 6.1 hands at the withers.

I do love my grains and hay at meal times, but I don’t like treats- what’s that anyway?!

My best times are when I receive neck scratches and also taking naps in the sunshine.

I love to be with my other mini buddies and dislike being alone. If I am alone I will call out to them, run around and somehow find my friends.

I hear the adults say I show a spunky personality each day!

I have been at Montessori Acres for one whole month now, and love it!

I especially love to hear you all say I’m cute when you visit me!

Let me take a bow- Thank you, thank you!

Montessori Academy chose to purchase most of the animals from rescue situations; our hope is that the affection from students will restore and allow each animal to finally feel at home 

Do all Montessori educational programs actually connect to the natural environment?

            Dr. Montessori placed a crucial emphasis on Botany and Zoology in the classrooms; the inclusion of nature is critical         in Montessori education. Most  children live in cities/suburbs and only have a vague idea of the practicality of farming           and animals i.e Botany and Zoology. However, with us students have access to our private farm “Montessori Acres”;

      where they have the tremendous opportunity to interact with nature, study in the classroom (pictured above) and have          hands-on practical experience with outdoor learning spaces, animals, green spaces and gardens.  Exposing students to         the outdoors is a classroom oasis that opens a magical world of nature to them. Our in-house Montessori Botany and              Zoology teacher Ms. Tabatha, uses the natural wonders to arouse their curious minds and incorporate the                                     classroom curriculum

              Ours is the only school that includes a private farm for student education.

         At Montessori Acres we strive to provide and enrich: motor skill  activities, muscular movement, hand-eye                               coordination, playtime, empathy, and problem-solving ability. Montessori Acres provides the foundation for our

     students to explore, touch, smell, taste and heighten their senses in a natural setting.  Montessori Acres also offers               insight to many concepts that are taught in the classrooms such as math, geometry, life cycles, measurements, shadows,       sounds, ponds and animal anatomy to name a few; all of which help to understand our symbiotic relationship with and       wonders presented by nature. . 

         The Pediatric Association of America concluded that the present day eyesight problems are owing to the lack of use of         the long sight muscle. With traditional forms of education students sit long hours in the classroom with books and                   staring at blackboards, monitors, smart boards or other electronic devices; instead, the Montessori Academy, in tandem        with the Montessori Acres, allows students to participate in outdoor activities which stimulates our students to use and        exercise  all essential muscle and intellectual capabilities.

        "The child who has felt a strong love for his  surroundings and for all living creatures, who has discovered joy and enthusiasm in work,        gives us reason to hope that humanity can develop in a new direction."~ Dr. Maria Montessori

         Weather permitting; students will take periodic trips to the Montessori Acres. Those  students in  PreK, Kindergarten and Elementary must have a signed permission statement (available in the office) prior to participating in Montessori Acres activities.


Our cuties at Montessori 

Acres  ! !

It is our sincerest hope that Montessori Acres brings joy, serenity, and many teachable moments to our MAV students



Ms. Pearl who lovingly cares for the animals



Hours of Operation

Open only to our Registered Students of Montessori Academy of Virginia 

 Monday thru Friday

        9:00- 12:00 p.m only        

Closed thereafter

Closed Weekends & Holidays



We get transported from the school to the farm daily, with class rotations 

(weather permitting!)