Private schools come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and teaching methods. The Montessori Academy of Virginia (MAV) offers a solid curriculum, academic opportunities and structure within a calm, peaceful, family-like atmosphere, together with  well-qualified and trained staff members. Our teachers do their utmost to tailor the curriculum toward specific interests and talents of each student–making it a “gifted” program on a daily basis.

We strive to develop and implement an educational and activity package that caters to the overall development of each child, their interests, capabilities and talents. This includes the academics of Montessori as well as enhanced activities, daily.

  • The Montessori Academy offers Self-Care/Self Independence/Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Sensory and Discovery Activities, Language Arts, Math, STEM 

  • History, Geography and Botany are taught from a very young age

  • To compliment our academic framework Music, Creative Movement , Art/Crafts, Gym activities,  Indoor/Outdoor Gardening, Culinary activities and Science  are offered as well

  • The program is aligned to surpass Virginia State Standards of Learning

This curriculum is a part of our standard tuition package.  Extra activities of Soccer, Yoga, Martial Arts are available by professionals contracted by the school at an additional cost.


We encourage all prospective parents to read our web site thoroughly, as most questions are answered in our detailed descriptions. Thereafter, apply online for a tour or call the location of your interest for an appointment .

The tour allows parents to gain first-hand experience of how classrooms work. Keep in mind there are no programs that exclusively fit one type of student!

After the tour, parents are given an Initial Student Questionnaire package for pending enrollment (to be completed and submitted to the office). The tour and completing paper work will take approximately 30-40 minutes.

The admission decisions are based on vacancies of existing classes including balance of age, gender, school transcripts (if applicable), visit to the school etc. The school will make every effort to inform the parents as soon as possible regarding the status of a child’s application. 

Please understand that the school does not entertain phone calls regarding submitted applications.


We realize that most families have not planned to fund their child’s education prior to that of college years. However, without a strong foundation in a child’s Preschool and Elementary years, most children lack the necessary skills to be prepared for Middle School and High School in their teen and college years thereafter.

Understanding  how important the preschool and elementary years are we strive to keep our tuition costs competitive to that of other private schools,  daycare and childcare centers.

Tuition is calculated for the entire academic year. Tuition costs for the different age groups and various payment plans will be explained to you in detail at the time of your tour. (Please call the location of your interest to arrange for a tour.) 

As a service and convenience to parents  an extended day is offered as well.

Before and after school extended care program is charged on an hourly basis and is pro-rated according to use. The hourly rate is affordable; lower than current pricing of babysitting services that is offered in the community at large!

We participate with the NACCRA program for military families.


  • The Montessori Academy has an environment that is motivating and supportive with mixed- ages (realistically similar to any community) 

  • An atmosphere that allows for close student supervision, academic growth and progress

  • Small adult student ratio helping students have close relationships with their teachers

  • A high level of academic performance that includes self-independence, structure, self -reliance, tolerance, understanding and calm

  • Individual help towards students’ weak areas and advancement of their strengths

  • Maintains high standards of respect for each other

  • Teachers encourage students to be accountable from a very young age

  • The school places a strong focus on a well-rounded education and encourages participation in extracurricular activities such as daily recess (weather permitting), gym, music, art, cooking and gardening. This involvement helps stimulate students in their academics and provides a break from studies, while developing interactive social skills and engaging in valuable problem solving abilities 

  • Extended day is offered  only to  the registered students of The Montessori Academy and not the general public, which ensures routine and structure