A Day at the Montessori Academy

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To enable your child to discover his/her Montessori classroom joyfully, the teachers spend many hours and days preparing and arranging their classroom environment. All hand-made card materials on the shelves are well thought out, assembled, laminated and accumulated by each teacher. It is ideal to perceive that each classroom also has its own unique vibrations reflecting energy, interests, talents and experiences of each teacher.

Our parents notice how our approach helps their children thrive. Often we hear how the Montessori  Academy cultivated their children to enjoy learning and develop skills at such a young age that would serve them well as they grow and mature.

Morning Session

The day begins with morning care staff warmly greeting and welcoming the children and getting them settled. Parents make use of state of the art computer technology to check their children in and out of the premises.

Each morning session typically begins at 8:30 a.m.in their classrooms, with teachers and students reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, holding a group discussion and group lesson, after which students move on to their individual Montessori activities, in accordance with their age and pace of learning. The multi-age setting itself is a motivator to move onto activities that are more sophisticated.

Teachers get busy moving from table to table helping the students with their activities, or are down on the floor giving individual or small group lessons. Intricate Montessori activities are introduced, one skill at a time, in a form as simple as possible. Students practice each skill daily until it is mastered. Thereafter, all skills are integrated into activities that are more advanced and complicated. In rotation all classrooms also visit STEM instruction, Culinary Room for cooking activities, including enjoying a morning bus ride to Montessori Acres to further advance Botany and Zoology instruction.

The Preschool students focus daily on language development, gross and fine motor skills, social skills, and early independence. As the year moves on their daily activities also include gym, art, music, science, nature walks and gardening.

Pr-K through Kindergarten students (also known as Children’s House) focus on Language, Math, Sensory development as well as Geography, Botany Science and History activities while continuing to polish their social skills, and independence.

Students in the Lower and Upper Elementary programs work through their various subject areas, assignments, quizzes and tests, individually as well as whole class and small group instruction. Teachers also ensure the Elementary Program supports and exceeds the Virginia Standards of Learning.

Each age group also has outside recess daily (weather permitting), a lunch break and a nap time (nap-time not included for grade level students).

Afternoon Session

The afternoon session includes another group discussion and group lesson, together with students practicing on their individual Montessori activities, which were presented to them in the morning; the day is further filled with visits to the gym and indoor garden, art and music until dismissal at 3:00 pm.

Together with the student’s academics, there are many opportunities throughout the day for peer interaction through play, meals, and extra-curricular activities, which keeps each child engaged and interested in their surroundings.

Educationists often describe children as “sponges” that soak up new information and knowledge, and our faculty works very hard to create and nurture an environment that allows them to do just that.

Our school is truly a learning environment like no other!